Boney M

Everyone knows their name and they are now being enjoyed by the new generation. Everyone also knows at least one of their songs so now meet Boney M featuring Maizie Williams! Maizie, original singer from the very birth of Boney M in 1975, is now joined by three dynamic singers after the success of the second Boney M remixed album The Greatest Hits of Boney M, which included fourteen tracks of the best loved songs and was remixed by the original founder of the group, Frank Farian.

It was obvious from the vast number of record sales that the magic of Boney M was still there and now being enjoyed by a new generation. Maizie thought it was time for this new audience to see the energy that goes with each and every one of the group’s songs and decided that they would tour. Audiences in Russia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Uzbekistan and many other countries have since been thrilled to the energetic visual performances of all the well loved songs. Maizie, most definitely the M in Boney M, and the group have revitalized the songs while keeping the same lyrics, giving them a new and modern sound that will have all generations tapping their feet and moving to the new funky beat. Even after three decades in the industry, Boney M are as focused now as they were at the start of their career producing several compilations such as Hit Story, Original Album Classics and Boney M Goes Club featuring DJ Doug Laurent and Barbara Streisand.


Ray Lewis 

In the mid-late 1970's, a talented young singer named Ray Lewis joined one of the world's biggest bands, The Drifters. The existing lead singer, Johnny Moore, was leaving the band, and the group's management, the Treadwell family, decided that Ray was the ideal person to replace him. Ray enjoys world-wide fame thanks to his own unique voice and professional and charismatic aura. He has performed to sell out theatres and audiences in venues around the world, having been associated with great names like Carole King, Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie, Paul McCartney and Diana Ross. Without doubt, he is one of the world’s greatest entertainers and enjoys a large following.



Black Box was an Italian house music group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The members of the group included a trio made up of a club DJ (Daniele Davoli), a classically trained clarinet teacher (Valerio Semplici), and a keyboard and electronic music "wiz" (Mirko Limoni). The three created an image for the Black Box act using French fashion model Katrin Quinol as its album/singles cover art and supposed lead singer in all of the group's music videos.

The first single "Ride On Time" was an international hit, making Top 10 in many countries and No. 1 in the UK, soon becoming the UK's best-selling single of 1989. The song heavily sampled "Love Sensation" by Loleatta Holloway, a 1980 disco hit. The Black Box title is derived from the lyrics "Cause you're right on time"


The Soul Band

Fronted by James Arg Argent as lead singer, The Soul Band were a firm favourite of the 2019 Soultown Festival, we have therfore invited them back for a Christmas!

Covering a range of Soul classics, they know how to get the party started!


Suzy Soul

Suzy has been part of the Soultown team for a few years now, she is famous for her soul and club classic hits and for rocking the Soultown stage!

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Helen Fulthorpe

Helen, from Cardiff, who has been busy touring and gaining live experience since reaching the Judges’ House stage of the X factor in 2014. We love supporting up and coming talent and Helen has proved a. popular choice since her performance at the 2019 Festival on the Live Lounge stage. We look forward to having her perform at the Soultown Festive

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