Saturday 7th September 2019 - Beckenham Kent (see location)

Pigling Street

At the heart of all great cooking are fantastic ingredients so we are committed to ethical sourcing from our award winning, high welfare farm and suppliers. The Rare Breed Meat Company in Colchester provides us with the ultimate British Piggy - the Blythburgh pig. This is a truly free range animal meaning the pigs are born outside and spend their entire lives outdoors in the fresh air, with freedom to roam in large paddocks, rooting around in our sandy Suffolk soil and playing with their peers. As a result the pigs grow at a slower rate, for the simple reason that they are burning off more calories than a pig enclosed in a concrete pen. Makes for tasty pork too!

Hills Pizza 

Hills Pizza Truck founded in 2018 by husband and wife Nick and Lisa Hill. Our beautiful vintage 1959 Chevrolet as been fully restored to its former glory with a fabulous wood fired pizza oven.

Our beautiful truck's previous life was in sunny North Carolina USA. We have a extremely popular private hire service bringing out top quality pizzas from our friendly staff to Food Markets, private events and film sets.

Great British Fish & Chips

We serve one of London’s best known and most loved dishes, and quite possibly the greatest pairing of all time.

Our fish is sustainably sourced and frozen at sea to maintain the freshness before being cooked to perfection with a soft
and flaky crunchy, golden batter.


Meltsmiths serve the finest grilled cheese sandwiches this side of the Atlantic!
Amazing, melted British cheese on local, organic sourdough… what could be better?

The Mac Factory

We’re Seriously Mac and Cheese.

We’re saying NO MORE to bland, tasteless so-called Mac and Cheese. Once upon a time in America it was great, so great it was served at the founding father’s dinner table. (Trust us, look it up!)

Tribeca Deli

Nothing beats a classic new york style Deli, and were bringing exactly that to the Soultown Festival.

Lili Chutney

Authentic Indian cooking brought to the street with DEVilishly good naan bread wraps and curries. Dev’s signature green lili chutney is made with fresh green herbs & chillis that really take these dishes to another level.


Saporre translated from Italian to English it means “real flavour”, which is something that we strive to provide in every single pizza that we serve to our customers. Tired of industrial pizza? We want everyone to be able to sample the real taste of Italian pizza. If you’re ready to experience that taste, make sure you visit us at the Soultown festival

Burger Boy UK

Burger Boy burgers champion the best of British beef with a range of epic, delicious, over-the-top-toppings! The best burger in Soho, cooked by a well-seasoned pro.

Voted in the top 10 London’s Best Burgers by Time Out

Nick And Greek

Our food is uncomplicated, simple and wholesome –you’ll find something for everyone from vegetarians to meat-lovers. Come and meet us, Nick and Tony – the co-founders of Nick & Greek and let us show you the real food of the Greek Islands

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